Sunday, 24 May 2009


Well last night was the Nickleback gig and I had a ball.
Been a long time since I went to a rock concert. It's not Petes cup of tea at all so we tend to just do ones we both like which means I get the short end of the stick as he has very limited taste and I like most types of music.
The gig was great, some off my fav songs to sing along with. Cass, your Black Stone Cherry did Highway to Hell with them and it really lifted the roof.

They really liked their pyro tho. Nearly had a heart attack on more than one occasion. Maybe a sign that I'm getting old!!!
I was amazed tho to see a family there with a couple of young boys, the littlest could only have been 4 or 5. Not sure I'd want to expose my little ones to the noise level or the swearing but each to their own.
It's the Sunday School Prize giving today so off to church in a while then I'm hoping the kids will play nice and I can get on with the housework. House is a tip.
Pete will be back from his boys weekend later, hungover but happy. Then we'll get the kids to bed and watch the Grand Prix, so nobody is to tell who won.
Sun is shining at the moment so lets hope it lasts. Have a great day everyone
Loving ya Sandra xx

Thursday, 21 May 2009

My boy

I've mentioned my boy, Freddie a couple of times so I thought I'd post a pic of him. He was my baby long before I had my babies.
Nothing much been happening this week. Got a bit of a block on the crafting front. Keep moving things about on pages but never decide on anything.
Hubbie is away this weekend and kids are off school tomorrow and Monday.
It'll be a long weekend ahead for me.
I do have something to look forward to to see Nickleback on saturday night with my lovely friend Susan.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Candy Alert

Go to Michelles blog - the Card Grotto.
Birthday candy up fo grabs and a cool blog.
Link on right.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009


Look what my friend Suzanne woke up to this morning.
3 little babies. I adore kittens and have just lost one of my cats at Easter.
First thing Pete said when I said kittens was an emphatic "NO"
LOL. He know's me well.
But it wouldn't be fair on my old man to subject him to a baby. He's 17 soon.

Old stuff

Yesterday afternoon was spent watching this little lot strutting their stuff in 3 outfits each!They all did very well.
My angel is in the middle in the long dress.
Not done much recently so here are a couple of older layouts for your pleasure.

Emma's 5th Birthday layout. Urban lily paper, bazzil and hero arts swirl stamp.

This was my first double layout. Basic Grey Archaic papers.
It features a day out that my Hubbie took our kids and my friend susans too.
Giving us a childless day.
He's a good man.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Candy Alert

Go to loving life & scrapping it for the chance of some fab candy and I guarantee you'll love the blog. the frames are to die for.

Link on the right

Saturday, 16 May 2009


The above is a Birthday Card for a friend.

The cards below are part of an on going gift project.
Penny Black stamps and K & Co papers.

Emma has a Rainbows Fashion Show tomorrow and has to have 3 outfits, Evening wear, casual wear and Beachwear. You have no idea how difficult it is to get a 6 year old to agree on suitable outfits. She thinks she's a super model!!
I could do without it.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

My First Award

Thank you so much Cass.

Go and have a look her cards are lovely.

Finally, photos!

Well it's another nice day here in Bonnie Scotland.
Day's gone fast with school run, supermarket, Nursery run, laundry, dishes and a wee bit of crafting. Hopefully time for more later.

My lovely Daughter on a Pirate and Princesses sponsored walk for Christian Aid. Lots of Rainbows and Brownies all dressed up.

Scrapbook page of Pete and Sam on the Queens view using Fancypants Papa papers

Tildas coloured with H2O's just need to decide what to do with them.
I've also made a birthday card for my friend but I'm not posting it till after in case she sees it.

Time seems to fly at the moment and I never seem to get as much done as I'd like.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Just a Quick one....

Not been on but have coloured my new Tilda stamps.
Off to my friends for some crafting so I promise to get photo's on tomorrow.


Candy Alert

It's Birthday time on Artfully Ila.
Have a look link below right.

Also 20000 hits on Doing life so have a look.

It's Debbies Birthday on Passion for Crafts and she has some wonderful Candy and wonderfull cards, hurry over!!

Cats Whiskers is celebrating 90000 hits with some cool Candy too.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

New stuff

I've got new stuff!!!

I have a new magnolia stamp - Tilda with Tag.
Lots of new paper, whitewash card, some new H2O's and the Do crafts Goody bag.
Loving the hand made papers. I'll add a photo later.
Hoping to get the chance to play with it all later.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

I'm back!

What a week!

Sam was ill Monday then I got it and then his sis. So I've been a bit out of it.
Did manage to knock this card together tho.

Been typical Scottish weather today, blazing sunshine, rain and a howling gale....all at once!!!!

Hoping to get a night out soon but arguing with Pete about which movie to go see, he wants Wolverine and I fancy Star Trek. Don't get out that often without kids so looking forward to it.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Poor baby

Well the decision of what to do with the kids was a moot point as my little man spent yesterday burning up with a fever.

Luckily Granny had Emma and took her to the cinema as I was stuck on the sofa with a child on top of me for most of the day.

Unfortunatly I have caught what he has and it feels like broken glass every time I swallow. Boo hoo!

Tonight is my craft night at my friends and I hate to miss it but at the mo.........

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Time to splash the cash

Well we made £120 at the boot sale so I get to go shopping tho not with the full £120 unfortunatly .

Not bad for a load of stuff that we would normaly send to charity.

Now what will I buy.........

Haven't done any crafting at all this weekend.
I might get out some stamps and do some colouring later tho.

Oh dear. I've just remembered the kids are off school for next 2 days, what will I do with them!

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Saturday nights alright

Today I have been sorting things for a car boot sale tomorrow.
We'll hopefully get rid of a lot of clutter and make some money.

Like many people money is tight at the moment and it's my stash that suffers! Boo Hoo!
But I'll be able to have a wee splurge if we shift some junk.
The only good thing about being financially challenged is that I've had to dig deep into my stash and have found lots of things I'd forgotten about.

Once I get the little angels into bed I'm off round to my pals with a bottle of wine.
A merry end to the day for me. Lol!

Friday, 1 May 2009

Ear plugs please!

What have I done!
Promised my 3 year old he could have his wee pal for a sleepover next time his sis went to stay at granny's. So tonight I have 2 very over excited 3 year olds on their first sleepover. The noise level is phenomenal.
Hopefully they'll tire each other out soon, then I'll let them watch a movie in bed.

I really must try and do some crafting this weekend send me some inspirational vibes please.


This made me smile.
How many people have learned the hard way that cats and crafting don't mix.LOL.