Sunday, 24 May 2009


Well last night was the Nickleback gig and I had a ball.
Been a long time since I went to a rock concert. It's not Petes cup of tea at all so we tend to just do ones we both like which means I get the short end of the stick as he has very limited taste and I like most types of music.
The gig was great, some off my fav songs to sing along with. Cass, your Black Stone Cherry did Highway to Hell with them and it really lifted the roof.

They really liked their pyro tho. Nearly had a heart attack on more than one occasion. Maybe a sign that I'm getting old!!!
I was amazed tho to see a family there with a couple of young boys, the littlest could only have been 4 or 5. Not sure I'd want to expose my little ones to the noise level or the swearing but each to their own.
It's the Sunday School Prize giving today so off to church in a while then I'm hoping the kids will play nice and I can get on with the housework. House is a tip.
Pete will be back from his boys weekend later, hungover but happy. Then we'll get the kids to bed and watch the Grand Prix, so nobody is to tell who won.
Sun is shining at the moment so lets hope it lasts. Have a great day everyone
Loving ya Sandra xx



Sounds like you had a fantastic night.BSC and Nickelback singing Highway To Hell must have been sheer magic.I'm so sorry i didn't get a ticket.Ah well,AC/DC in June and BSC in

Cass xxx

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