Tuesday, 4 October 2011

No Time

Sorry I've not posted but I really don't seem to find the time just now and when I have the time in the evenings P is on the PC gaming :-(

I really haven't managed to get anything crafty done. even dug a card out of the BOX for Sam's friends birthday.

This was the little lady. isn't she lovely. I had to touch the hair up a bit as Eve is a redhead.

I'm hoping usual service will resume by the end of the October week just in time for the SHOW!!!
Hopefully lots of new goodies will inspire me.

Sandra xxx



This card is specially for the birthday wishes.It gives one kind of the happy feeling.Look at the girl who is very happy for the birthday.I like your card too much.

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This is the little lady. This greeting card is best and i impressed by the little lady painting.

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This is my one of the favorite greeting card. It such a very beautiful and very colorful.


I like to make a different and unique greeting card and this card looking so adorable. I like it and it such an excellent card. It such a colorful.

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I always need birthday cards. Look at the girl who is very happy for the birthday. Everything is perfect in this card. I impressed by the little lady photo.

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This is some of the most creative crafts I seen this year. I love the lady image and the coloring of it. I never try to sew on a card. I attract by that.

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